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Busy Busy Bee

So I have been very slack on keeping up to date on my blog..Lots has been going on, Some good and some not so good. Have been working on lots of things and starting to slowly get back on my feet. Some good things are I have started to work again. I am working full time at subway for now but that is better then anything :D I am starting to take up some photography. Eddie and I are going to be a team and will start Endless Memories Photography. I am going to be purchasing my first big Camera a Nikon D3000 for now until I save up for my bigger one I really want.. I am very excited about that. Also Emilio is now in Grade 2 and doing well. Mateo will be starting preschool and going to K next Sept EEEKKKK.. Miguel and Bella are doing great big and bad :P..I am going to try and keep this updated as well and will probably add some of my photo work here. Also I have my Flickr site and hopefully have a site up and running soon...

My Transformation !

So I have been on and off diets and trying to get my body to looking good. After having 4 kids and finally being done I thought it was time. I started to watch what I eat and do some working out. I have struggled for months now but I always keep pulling forward. I hope to inspire others to do this as well.

First 2 are from back in July 2008, Last one is from last week at 40lbs Lost

Family Vacation

So we decided to go on a weeks vacation with the kids to my Sister in laws place. I am here in Cape Cod, Mass. We went to an Aquarium one day and have played out in the snow. Here are a few pictures. More on my Facebook.

My Family

Recently i have a free certificate to get pictures done and decided to go ahead and get some family pics done since we don't really have any. These are a FEW samples.

I am sure some Wives out there would like to do this LMAO.

These are all done by Kayla Abrams